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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cell Phone Radiation Proven to be Harmful to Mice Fetuses

study from the Yale School of Medicine recently discovered that pregnant mice exposed to cell phone radiation affected the offspring’s behavior later. The offspring were found later to be hyperactive, have more anxiety and poor memory.

The study placed the cell phone centimeters away from the mice which caused abnormal development of the brain in the mice offspring. When the brain is developing, it is susceptible to lots of environmental problem including alcohol, tobacco and now possibly radiations from cell phones.

Mice are obviously very different from humans, and the distance from the human ear to the womb is not measured on scale by putting cell phones centimeters away from the mice. In addition, mice gestation is much shorter than human gestation. The conclusions of these tests are the first to lead us to believe that there is a connection between cell phone radiation and the development of the brain though.

"The rise in behavioral disorders in developed countries may be, at least in part, due to a contribution from fetal cellular telephone radiation exposure," the Yale Study wrote. "Further testing is warranted in humans and non-human primates to determine if the risks are similar and to establish safe exposure limits during pregnancy."

Previous Studies with No Definite Answers

There have been other studies that are trying to find out if cell phone radiation can affect human’s health negatively. There is no conclusive data so far, but cell phone companies all put warnings on their packages.

A study in 2010 found that the likelihood of behavior problems was increased in 28,000 Danish children with the presence of cell phone both before and after birth. The study wrote that the results did not necessarily mean that the cell phones actually caused the problem.

"That's clearly not what we wanted to suggest, and we think that there is no reason that pregnant women should be very alarmed at the findings we have," the lead author, Dr. Jorn Olsen of UCLA, told ABC News at the time the study was published.
There are also studies that are examining any possibility of mobile phone use causing cancer. There are no conclusive results for these studies either. The World Health Organization recently concluded that mobile phone use may be linked to cancer. The American Cancer Society says that there is likely no link.