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Monday, July 25, 2011

Basic Business Use Of Mobile Text Marketing

Modern people can't imagine their lives without cell phones, they carry them just everywhere. Once they're are forced to switch them off on let's say a plane or in a hospital, they feel uncomfortable, since they feel as though they lost contact with the world. They don't even have to wait for any important call or a message, they just want to feel "connected" with all other people and cell phones give them this comfort. Having this fact in mind, we can think of a very simple conclusion - why not to use cell phones for your business?

Although for many people mobile text marketing reminds only about spammy campaigns of ringtone companies, there are quite a lot of uses of mobile phones for your company. No matter if it's a startup or a well established business looking for new opportunities to meet their customers needs. Imagine a situation when you need to send your customer a very important notification regarding some emergency. You can send an e-mail and it can work for many people who are able to receive e-mails on their cell phones, but there are still majority of wireless phones users who really don't have this feature in their devices. So why not to text them? You will be sure that they have received the message immediately wherever they would be.

This is just one possible use of mobile text marketing and there are several others which you should know. Just think how great opportunity it would be to send special discount offers directly to your customers cell phones. Most of these devices have nowadays access to the internet, so you will be able to send them a link to your landing page and track which customers are actually interested in your offer. Although you can think that it's just the same as with e-mails, you should remember that an average men receives much more advertising e-mails than texts which means that the probability that he would open such a message on his cell phone is much higher when comparing to e-mail marketing.

There are of course some important rules which you should abide by when doing mobile text marketing. All you subscribers should be opt in and they should be informed how they can easily opt out from your list, so you're not accused of sending spam. There are very strict privacy rules in the US law which affect mobile marketing and you should always bear it in mind.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Choosing The Right Telecom Carrier

Average man receives at least around 6 different bills at the end of each month. Each bill means that you have to pay certain amount of money to a service provider who has been delivering certain services to your house or apartment. These can be electricity, security or for example phone bills. The sum to pay varies depending on the service type as well as many other factors. Some people notice that they actually can lower some of their bills by choosing a different service provider who offers exactly the same or very similar services for a much lower fee. In this article I will focus on telecom carriers and how to choose the right one for your needs.

My first advice is to never rush, if you are patient you can wait for some special deals which will let you save much more money. That's why it's important not to choose the first carrier which you notice, you should analyze his offer and compare it to his competitors in order to make the best choice. You should compare the monthly price of your contract and what is crucial, you should learn what is included in it. How many minutes you can use for free. If you're considering carrier's change, it will be also smart to check if they can lower the price once you choose to use the phone carrier as you Internet provider. Some companies offer such packages for a lower price.

If it's not your first service provider and your considering switching carriers, I've got a good news for your - you can keep your old phone number even if you decide to switch from wireless carrier to a land line one. There are of course a few restrictions, but in most cases you will be able to do this without any troubles. It's all thanks to the LNP which stands for "local number portability". It guarantees you that if you decide to switch carriers, they can't deny your request. If they do, you can file a complaint to FCC.

Once you compare all the plans of different phone carriers, you should find some reviews of the company which you chose. It's very important, because even the best and the cheapest offer doesn't mean that the carrier is reliable. Learn more about its technical support as well as the quality of services to make sure that you will not regret your choice.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Is It Worth To Buy A Cell Phone Cover?

It's no doubt that cell phones have become a necessity. Most people can't imagine life without them, especially since these small devices can be used not only for calling or texting, but also for many other purposes such as taking pictures, listening to the music or even watching movies. We need our cell phones to work 24 hours a day without any failures. It doesn't matter if it's dust or water, we just don't want our cell phone to be damaged so that we can use it any moment we want and we can be sure that it will be efficient.

One of the easiest and cheapest solution to protect our wireless phones is a phone case. It's usually made of a special rubber which will isolate your device from many various factors which can pose danger to it. If your cell phone falls into a puddle, you don't have to worry since the rubber has made your cell phone waterproof. If you think that it will make using the phone more difficult, you are wrong. If you choose a decent cover, you can be sure that after a few days of using you won't even remember that you have been using it.

Another great advantage of a cell phone cover is that you can easily customize your old phone and make it look exactly as you want. There are hundreds of different patterns and styles of covers, so there is no chance that you can't choose a good one for you. Just think that you can make your phone look different every day---if you've got a good mood, you may choose a bright cover, but if you're upset you can choose a dark one. Your imagination is the limit.

To answer the question from the title, a phone cover is definitely worth buying, especially if we consider the price which is relatively very low. Usually you can get a cover for around $2. There will be some more expensive, but it's an average price of a good quality cover. There is also one more thing that you should remember. When you install a cover it doesn't mean that your device is everything-proof. You should still be cautious when using it. A vover will just make it more resistant and of course better-looking.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Five Myths About Phone Numbers

1. You cannot switch to a cell phone and keep your old land line phone number
With Wireless Local Number Portability you have the opportunity to turn your old residential phone number into a wireless with a minimum of paperwork. All you have to do is to contact your current carrier and ask about the procedure. One thing to remember here is not to cancel your land line until you have the wireless line activated, since you can lost your phone number.

2. You cannot find out the owner of cell phone number, unless you work for law enforcement.
This could have been true about ten years ago. Although wireless phone numbers users privacy is still protected by law, there are special cell phone directories which can bring you some basic information about the phone owner. In most cases you will be able to learn his or her name, address as well as phone carrier.

3. You cannot stop telemarketers from calling you
This is your right to choose whether you want to receive marketing calls or not. If you find them annoying or you just don't want to waste your time for answering them, you have an easy method to stop such calls. The procedure is easy and can be done online - you should access the website of National Do Not Call Registry and enter your phone number. Once you complete this, telemarketers will have 30 days to stop calling you. If they don't, you have the right to complain to the FTC which usually prevents all marketers from calling you.

4. You cannot opt out from a phone directory
This is quite obvious one, but I still meet a lot of people who repeat this myth. Keeping your information in a phone directory is your right, but not a duty which means that you can request your data removal any moment you want. However, you have to remember that phone directory operator have 30 days for processing your request.

5. Cell phone numbers are going public
The myths origins take place at 2004, when somebody started sending hoax e-mails claiming that cell phone numbers will soon become public information. The e-mail encouraged people to list their phone number in the National Do Not Call Registry, although in fact per FCC regulations telemarketers are not allowed to dial wireless phone numbers. This means that you can list your cell number in the NDNCR, but actually there is no need to.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How To Keep Your Cell Phone Number When Switching Carriers

I have met a lot of people who were totally disappointed with their cell phone contracts and although they've seen much better offers on the market they wouldn't decide to switch carriers. The reason for this was very simple and most of us understand it - they wanted to keep their old cell phone number since all their friends, cooworkers, family and other people had this number saved in their phones memory. Here comes the good news - FCC has required almost all carriers to provide a LNP - local number portability. This means that you are free to switch between carriers as long as they are still in your local area. If so, then there will be no problem with transferring your cell phone number to your land line and in opposite way of course either.

This creates a great opportunity for people who are not satisfied with their offers or just want to switch for example from contract cell phone service to prepaid service operated by other carrier. The procedure is very simple and usually once you transfer the number, your old service will be automatically disconnected. However, you should remember that if you have a contract type cell phone, then you may be still required to pay fees for it.

If your carrier doesn't want to help you with porting your phone number to other company, you can always complain to FCC and ask them to take steps against them. However, this is a very rare situation and in most cases everything will be done without any problems or complications. You should also remember not do cancel your old service until you know that the new service is ready and process of transferring your number has began, since you may have lose access to your old number and hence you will not be able to transfer this number to the new carrier of your choice.

The whole process of porting a phone number from one carrier to another can take up to one week. In some cases it can take slightly longer, but usually the procedure is finished within a few days from filling a request. Once you receive the notification that your number has been transferred to your new carrier you can disconnect your old service without worrying that you could have lost access to it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cell Phone Solar Charger - Why Do You Need One

These days people try to look after our environment more carefully than they used to several years ago. Each day we hear about global warming and odd changes in our climate which are very difficult to explain since it was the first time they occurred. Many people think of some easy method which they can use in order to be at least a little bit more ecological. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of people who actually don't care about our planet but just feel that being eco is fashionable so they want to catch up with this trend usually by buying some gadgets. In this post I will introduce you one of such eco gadgets which sometimes can be really useful but in most cases remains a gadget.

Cell phone solar charger is a thing which is great when you go to some place where you don't have access to electricity. I know how weird it can sound, but there are actually some places where there is no access to it or it's restricted and you can't use it whenever you want. You can also think of a situation when you're in a place where there is electricity but unfortunately due to some power outage you've lost it and need some way to charge your cell phone. When using a solar charger to charge your phone, you should expect that for each two hours of charging you will get around 20 minutes of talk. It may sound very attractive, but if it's the only method to get your cell working, it's worth considering.

Many people who hear about solar chargers say that it's dangerous for your cell phone to be exposed to sunbeams. They're totally right, but they miss a very important point. While using a cell phone solar charger you don't have to keep your device near the charger. You can just put the charger in a place where there is a lot of solar energy and wait until it charges itself and then take it to shade where you keep your cell phone and then transfer the electricity from the charger to your device.

The cost of such charger is relatively high, it's much more expensive than an ordinary charger, but on the other hand the technology used in it is much more sophisticated and all solar oriented equipment is expensive. A basic one will cost you around $20.