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Monday, July 25, 2011

Basic Business Use Of Mobile Text Marketing

Modern people can't imagine their lives without cell phones, they carry them just everywhere. Once they're are forced to switch them off on let's say a plane or in a hospital, they feel uncomfortable, since they feel as though they lost contact with the world. They don't even have to wait for any important call or a message, they just want to feel "connected" with all other people and cell phones give them this comfort. Having this fact in mind, we can think of a very simple conclusion - why not to use cell phones for your business?

Although for many people mobile text marketing reminds only about spammy campaigns of ringtone companies, there are quite a lot of uses of mobile phones for your company. No matter if it's a startup or a well established business looking for new opportunities to meet their customers needs. Imagine a situation when you need to send your customer a very important notification regarding some emergency. You can send an e-mail and it can work for many people who are able to receive e-mails on their cell phones, but there are still majority of wireless phones users who really don't have this feature in their devices. So why not to text them? You will be sure that they have received the message immediately wherever they would be.

This is just one possible use of mobile text marketing and there are several others which you should know. Just think how great opportunity it would be to send special discount offers directly to your customers cell phones. Most of these devices have nowadays access to the internet, so you will be able to send them a link to your landing page and track which customers are actually interested in your offer. Although you can think that it's just the same as with e-mails, you should remember that an average men receives much more advertising e-mails than texts which means that the probability that he would open such a message on his cell phone is much higher when comparing to e-mail marketing.

There are of course some important rules which you should abide by when doing mobile text marketing. All you subscribers should be opt in and they should be informed how they can easily opt out from your list, so you're not accused of sending spam. There are very strict privacy rules in the US law which affect mobile marketing and you should always bear it in mind.

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Andi - Text Message Marketing said...

I believe it is a brilliant move for a business to use text messaging to get in touch with their prospect customers. However, the use of it should not be abused for it to be effective. I find some marketing campaigns on mobile phone to be harassing and too aggressive. It could just be a turn off if not used wisely.

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