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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cell Phone Solar Charger - Why Do You Need One

These days people try to look after our environment more carefully than they used to several years ago. Each day we hear about global warming and odd changes in our climate which are very difficult to explain since it was the first time they occurred. Many people think of some easy method which they can use in order to be at least a little bit more ecological. On the other hand, there are quite a lot of people who actually don't care about our planet but just feel that being eco is fashionable so they want to catch up with this trend usually by buying some gadgets. In this post I will introduce you one of such eco gadgets which sometimes can be really useful but in most cases remains a gadget.

Cell phone solar charger is a thing which is great when you go to some place where you don't have access to electricity. I know how weird it can sound, but there are actually some places where there is no access to it or it's restricted and you can't use it whenever you want. You can also think of a situation when you're in a place where there is electricity but unfortunately due to some power outage you've lost it and need some way to charge your cell phone. When using a solar charger to charge your phone, you should expect that for each two hours of charging you will get around 20 minutes of talk. It may sound very attractive, but if it's the only method to get your cell working, it's worth considering.

Many people who hear about solar chargers say that it's dangerous for your cell phone to be exposed to sunbeams. They're totally right, but they miss a very important point. While using a cell phone solar charger you don't have to keep your device near the charger. You can just put the charger in a place where there is a lot of solar energy and wait until it charges itself and then take it to shade where you keep your cell phone and then transfer the electricity from the charger to your device.

The cost of such charger is relatively high, it's much more expensive than an ordinary charger, but on the other hand the technology used in it is much more sophisticated and all solar oriented equipment is expensive. A basic one will cost you around $20.

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call Pakistan said...

This sounds great. I'll certainly get one of these, as I need my cell phone everywhere I go and the battery doesn't last long. With this gadget I'll be able to charge my phone even while I'm travelling on the train.

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