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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Right Way To Stop Annonymous Calls

It usually is frustrating to answer prank phone calls so you ponder the best way to get rid of prank phone calls especially for the frequent ones. Picture this with me. A person is having a sleeping over a weekend nighttime and looking forward to the next day to arrive to enjoy a fantastic day time with the relatives and friends. Instantly, within the middle of the nap, you anwser a telephone call. Who could possibly be getting in touch with? A feeling of desperation immediately comes to you and you race to your telephone. When anwsering, you realized that it's a joke call. And when asleep, you lose sleep on and off a few times unwilling to miss out this telephone call in the event it is really a crisis. You've turned into a unwilling recipient of annonymous calls.

So How Does This Appear For You?

Uncomfortable and discouraging in fact. You probably are thinking behind the mind how great it's if you know the best way to end the prank telephone calls. So here is how.

Ways To Eliminate Prank Telephone Calls?

While the scenario most likely are not what you may have gone through, yet I am sure most of us get prank phone calls every once in awhile. Should it be at one time, it's acceptable and may be ignored. When it is recurring, it will become pestering and that we should eliminate them all. There are 2 methods finding a private eye or maybe using a backwards mobile phone number search service.

Do I Really Need a Private Investigator?

Obviously, a detective can guide you to get to the bottom level regarding these types of stuff. Maybe you can find the actual harasser and report her or him to the law enforcement or even in the lowest, give the person a earful. Although this kind of course of action will involve one to fork out a few thousand greenbacks. It might not sometimes be definitely worth the work and funds.

Reverse Phone Lookup Maybe?

Additional method is to try using a phone lookup service. There are 2 alternate options in this case. The first is a zero cost, and the additional a fee based choice. I can reveal a lot more. Free reverse phone search services are able to help you only when the telephone is from a residential phone number. Quite simply, if your call is using an unregistered cell phone number, VoIP number or a cell phone, just isn't possible you can find that call. Sad to say, quite a few pranksters are aware that and frequently utilize a cellular telephone to call.

So your best bet should be to go to a paid phone number lookup website to be able to locate these prank telephone calls. They charge you a bit of a fee because it takes a lot of work and also infrastructural expense to maintain a data base of all the so-called unregistered, VoIP and cellphone numbers and also the specifics of their users. You will discover specifics of virtually almost all telephone numbers including land line numbers. The actual look up is straightforward at these services. Basically key in the area code thereafter the seven digits next and also you receive all the details in regards to the phone owner.

Once you have gotten hold of that, it's about time for some nice "revenge". This is what can be done. Wait for the guy to phone call again, and tackle him or her by last name. You possibly can almost imagine the great shock on his / her face. All the time, this kind of technique would likely encourage them to certainly not make prank phone calls to your phone number yet again.

We will say there are some die hard pranksters that decline to surrender. Just what you can do is always to produce a law enforcement officials report with all the information you've readily available and let the law enforcement deal with them. This might effectively get rid of all those nasty harassing phone calls.

If you're willing to learn how to end these kinds of prank calls making use of reverse phone number lookup, you can try performing a search to find out more.


Ted said...

Imo, if you are able to locate the phone number using a phone lookup, there is no need to hire a detective. Although very effective, these are REALLY expensive guys

Lolita said...

I bet they are, I remember when I wanted to check if my hubby is cheating on me and I hired one. I'm still in debts and the investigator found out that my husband wasn't unfaithful :(

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