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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mobile Operators Are Set To Lose Voice Services To Mobile Platforms

With the tendency now being for services to move away from the traditional SIM card login services and move towards more mobile login authentication methods like the ones used on iPods when linking up to iTunes services.

What the future holds nobody can be one hundred percent certain of what the future will bring for mobile services but there is no doubt that customers are looking to improve the simplicity of connecting up with all the online services such as email, Facebook and Skype. The ultimate plan is to allow a customer to purchase a phone and as soon as you turn it on you would be able to log into your Google / Apple account; then you would have the phone ready to use for voice calling through Google Talk or Skype and instant access to email, Youtube or Facebook.

When you get home with your phone it will automatically connect up to any WiFi you have in your house and will connect to any of the available 3G networks, without a care which specific network it joins to; instead focusing on the problem of the best and cheapest service coverage; finding decent service hampers a lot of people’s usage and being able to log on to whichever service provides the highest level will solve a lot of issues.

Taking a look into the future sees the potential abolishment of phone numbers instead using the already heavily used Facebook profile and just dial directly to that instead of traditional methods. The change is almost inevitable and could start soon; all it would require is for one of the carriers to crack and provide bandwidth available to purchase by either Google, Microsoft or Apple and the floodgates will have opened and be unable to close again. As soon as one sells they will all have to; it is simply impossible for one carrier to stand alone against a giant company.

It may take a while for the transition to occur but eventually the mobile network will turn into one as all services begin to merge into one account offering the best service and also value for the customers and after all the customers drive the business in the direction that they want and need.

There is lots of money to be made when the change does begin to happen but it may well be a case of the company that jumps first either wins out, or faces the risk of being isolated out of the market. Nobody quite knows exactly when the change will happen, but all we do know is that it is coming.

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